I don’t know what getting traffic to a site looked like 5 or even 3 years ago. that wasn’t my thing. And maybe this post is directed at the incorrect industry but I’ve come to feel like the whole search engine optimization thing as well as PPC advertising is a big, huge hustle.

I want you to type in whatever you want in Google. Maybe you want some information about animals or cars or whatever. You can be as detailed or as vague as you like. Now when the results come up, how many search queries are relevant? And how many of the advertisements on the side are relevant?

There’s probably more queries that are relevant, so then why is that? If you’re asking a question, you probably get many results from yahoo or quora and if you’re looking for information, Wikipedia or something has come up, right? Even if you looked up how to blog better, there’s probably a very relevant query. The reason is because what’s being said in the resulting page is pretty identical to what you type into google. This makes sense. If I type in ‘The Gaines Collective’ in Google my site is going to come up. Obviously.

Let me not belabor my point: these search engines notice what keywords you type in and bring up the site with the most keywords that matter. Nada Mas. Meta tags are irrelevant, all these excess key words are irrelevant. Friendly URLs help, and alt tags are cool, too, but the amount of time we obsess over such a thing as search engine optimization is a complete waste.

SEO = Great Content

Why is SEO a big waste? Well, because the engines are searching entire content — they spider your page and come up relevant stuff. Look at the queries you got. For every relevant search, I’m sure you got an irrelevant one that matched a keyword or two. Are we really supposed to believe this site came up because someone played with meta tags, did some great backlinking, or whatever SEO ‘experts’ claim to do now adays?

The truth is real SEO is coming from content rich sites. It’s about finding a HANDFUL of useful keywords for yourself or your brand and sprinkling them into your content. Blogs aren’t popular just because people like them, but because you can have content for days! And then as I get more content, get more visits, talk about more stuff and get older, my site moves right on up in the search results.

Google Ads are too Expensive Way

Have you ever tried to put together a Google Ads campaign? You seriously cannot use a decent keyword without having to pay $2+ per click. I think this is an awful tactic, especially for small businesses.

It makes no sense to me. If you’re telling me people search for this keyword hundreds of thousands of times a month, why not work on some sort of rotating basis to keep prices fair? It’s like someone with a greater budget can easily come along and pay to get their name shown higher than yours.

And then if you pick a lowly searched keyword, they don’t even allow you to use it because it’s too low, no one searches for it, and you won’t get any clicks. Also, low for Google can be anywhere from 100-100,000 searches depending on the keyword.

It just makes no sense. It’s one huge hustle. And on top of that, it’s extremely confusing. Maybe I’m just a little upset.

My point is to take care of your content, increase it and stick to some good keywords. As your content grows, so will your business. Thoroughly check out your PPC campaign before you allow them to bill you or you could be wasting your money. I don’t care how awesome your landing page is. If you get no clicks, you get no clicks! Buyer beware…and just write some dope content.

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